The beauty of mosaic and the durability of concrete can now be crafted together to give your masterpiece unrivaled longevity. This product was invented by the artist Robin Brailsford and patented with partners at Lithocrete®. LithoMosaic® is a unique structural concrete process. In addition, it has the opportunity to give unlimited artistic control along with the speed, flatness, and efficiency of concrete.

Progressive Hardscapes is an experienced and licensed LithoMosaic® installer. LithoMosaic® is a revolutionary new art technique that allows artists and architects to design vast, hand-crafted mosaics, to be set as an integral part of monolithic concrete pours. 

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Our latest LithoMosaic® installation at the Tuscon Streetcar Stop: Concrete Decor Project Profile
Article on the students in the Gallery 37 program 15 to 18 years old creating a public for the Friendship Park in Avondale.

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