Project: The Citadelle in Glendale Arizona 

Stamped Concrete Pattern: Bomanite 4” Granite Setts, 24” Slate, and Granite Fishscale
Concrete Color: Multiple Bomanite colors were used on this project.

Contractor: Progressive Hardscapes 

This is not an overlay it is much more durable! It is an 8” thick structural concrete slab in the vehicular areas. The walks are 4″ thick placed with a 3000 PSI colored stamped concrete slab that was imprinted with Bomanite stamped concrete tools.

What is Bomanite® Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is not an overlay that can delaminate. It is a structural 3000 PSI concrete with a minimum thickness of 4” usually installed over 4” ABC (Aggregate Base Course) with fiber mesh and the concrete is colored and imprinted. The imprinted or stamped concrete’s pattern and texture is often used to simulate real stone or brick. It can be less expensive than real stone set on a concrete sub-slab. However, the main reason to choose Bomanite stamped concrete is the wide range of color choices and the customizable shapes possible with our stamped concrete.

Progressive Hardscapes’ stamped concrete is created using two colors to give it depth: a color hardener (base color) and a release agent (highlight color). Both of these colors are chosen from the Bomanite Color Hardener/Release Agent Chart, but because the colors can be mixed in different ratios the color choices are endless. We can also use integral color if you prefer. 

Progressive Hardscapes is a licensed Bomanite contractor for Arizona. We receive imprinting products and training from the leader in the imprinted concrete industry, The Bomanite Corporation. To learn more about stamped concrete or any of our products and services, schedule a presentation for your office or group. Email us at [email protected] or call 623-582-2274. We have installed more stamped and imprinted concrete than any other Arizona concrete contractor. We introduced Bomanite stamped concrete back in 1970.

Please note: Our minimum job size is 500 square feet.